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Annual Reports

The Clean Water Act, 2006 establishes the requirement for annual progress reporting on source protection plan implementation by May 1 each year on actions taken in the previous year.  Furthermore, source protection plan policies require that implementing bodies (those agencies/municipalities/provincial ministries, etc. who are responsible for the implementation of a plan policy) submit annual reports to the source protection authorities by February 1 each year.  The reports received from implementing bodies are summarized and presented on a report and supplemental form provided by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.  The summary reports are provided below starting with a preliminary report prepared for the 2016 calendar year and following with the officially required reports.  Details of the reporting are available in the minutes of Source Protection Committee meetings held in February/March.

2016 Preliminary Annual Progress Report

2016 and 2017 First required Annual Progress Report

2018 Annual Progress Report

2019 Annual Progress Report

2020 Annual Progess Report

2021 Annual Progress Report


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