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Source Protection Plans 


The Source Protection Plans, as mandated by the Clean WaterImage of the Cover of the Source Protection Plan Act2006 are the culmination of extensive science-based assessments, consultation, collaboration, and research. The Plan (two plans combined into one document) contain essential policies to ensure that activities that pose significant threats to municipal drinking water sources in the Halton Region Source Protection Area and the Hamilton Region Source Protection Area cease to exist or never become significant. 


The Source Protection Committee developed policies with the aid of municipal personnel and other specialists and through broad consultation with stakeholders and the general public. The policies require implementation by municipalities, conservation authorities, stakeholders or agencies and may affect the use of properties for certain activities.


The Source Protection Plans include general policies that set out timelines and designate land uses and activities in relation to drinking water threat policies, significant threat policies based on prescribed and local threats, and other policies set out to achieve the Plans’ objectives. In addition, monitoring policies, necessary to evaluate the implementation of significant threat policies, are included.

Most importantly, the policies contained in the Source Protection Plans provide the municipalities and residents of Halton Region and Hamilton Region Source Protection Areas with the necessary foundation, information, and agenda to support and carry out the province’s ongoing commitment to protecting our precious drinking water sources.

The Source Protection Plan (Version 3.2) for the Halton Region Source Protection Area and Hamilton Region Source Protection Area was approved by Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, on August 5, 2015. 

Minister Murray noted “Your community is to be commended on the achievement of this important milestone. This is an example of the local, inclusive, community-based approach to protecting source water envisioned by the Clean Water Act.”

The plan can be reviewed and/or downloaded here (6 MB). Although the assessment reports form Appendix A of the Plan they are not included in this download and may be reviewed and/or downloaded on the Assessment Report webpage.

If you require a copy of the plan in another format, please e-mail sourceprotection@hrca.on.ca  or call 905-854-9229.


Explanatory Documents


To support the policies proposed for implementation in the Source Protection Plan, the Source Protection Committee has also prepared the Explanatory Document. This document includes the information considered during policy development, the rationale for the selection of each policy, and a brief summary of the results of the consultation processes. It is suggested that the Explanatory Document be read before the Plan. The Explanatory Document (version 2.4) can be reviewed and/or downloaded here (11 MB).


If you require a copy of the Explanatory Document in another format, please e-mail sourceprotection@hrca.on.ca  or call 905-854-9229.



Does a Policy Apply to Your Activities?

If you require assistance to understand the Source Protection Plan and whether policies apply to the activities occuring on your land, or you'd like more information, we'd be pleased to help.

Please contact the Manager, Source Water Protection for the Halton-Hamilton Source Protection Region at sourceprotection@hrca.on.ca

or contact your municipal source water protection staff representative:

  • City of Hamilton - Carmen Vega      Carmen.Vega@hamilton.ca     905.546.2424 ext. 1301
  • Halton Region - Adam Gilmore        Adam.Gilmore@halton.ca       905.825.6000 ext. 7134
  • Township of Puslinch - Kyle Davis    kdavis@centrewellington.ca    519.846.9691 ext. 362
  • Peel Region - Stefan Herceg           Stefan.Herceg@peelregion.ca  905.791.7800 ext. 4489
  • Niagara Region - Jen Croswell        jen.croswell@niagararegion.ca 905.908.6000 ext. 3743



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