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Happy World Water Day
Reflect on our good fortune to have clean and plentiful sources of drinking water and take action to protect them

Amended Source Protection Plan Approved
New vulnerable areas in Greensville for drinking water quality and quantity are now in effect

New Source Protection Videos
Watch the new source protection videos

Source Protection Plan Review
The Minister of the Environment ordered the Halton Region Conservation Authority to prepare a work plan for the review and updating of the source protection plan for the Halton-Hamilton Source Protection Region

ECO Report Released
Ontario's Environmental Commissioner of Ontario released her report entitled Back to Basics - Clean Water...

New SPC Members
Source Protection Authorities appoint two members to the source protection committee

The WELLness Project
Public Health Ontario is interested in surveying residents who have a well on their property

2017 EBR Posting Consultation
The MOECC is consulting on two new EBR postings for regulatory changes to protect drinking water sources

New Agricultural Rep on SPC
Bert Andrews joins the Source Protection Committee

Public Consultation
Provide feedback until December 1 on the proposed updates to the Source Protection Plan


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