Drnking Water-Sourc Protection
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drinking water sources

Source protection planning under the Clean Water Act, 2006 is a community-wide initiative that requires municipal representatives, residents, and business owners to work together with provincial agencies and conservation authorities to protect existing and future drinking water sources.  The Act empowers communities to be involved in drinking water source protection through all stages of source protection planning, from the assessment of watersheds through to the implementation of source protection policies.

Protecting the sources of our drinking water is the first step in a multi-barrier approach to safeguard the quality and quantity of our water supplies.  The Source Protection Plan is the culmination of extensive science-based assessments, consultation, collaboration, and research and the implementation of the policies it contains will ensure that activities carried out in the vicinity of municipal wells and lake-based water intakes will not pose significant risk to those supplies. 

The protection of our drinking water sources is a shared responsibility and everyone must do their part.  Please explore this website to find out how you can help protect our drinking water sources!


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